When we say that our Bormio and Valtellina are to be experienced in all seasons, we are telling the truth!

Each season brings with it unique characteristics that invite you to explore the various valleys around our hotel, to immersive experiences in nature.

In the autumn period, i.e. from mid-September until the arrival of the first snow in December, the bright colours of the larchesof the birch trees and the ash trees the mountains around Bormio light up with colours and shades.

It is time for the foliagethe transition of colour from bright green summer, to the warm autumnal tones.

In this article we would like to tell you about a couple of valleys particularly suggestive in this season, made even more special by the presence of the deer in love launching their brahmins.

A trekking walk in the wilderness Val Zebrù or in the enchanting Fraele Valley become relaxing and colour-therapeutic experiences: walking among the autumn foliage on paths that are no longer crowded, appreciating the quiet of the woods and listening to nature will be truly rejuvenating.

The roaring of the deer

Autumn is the time when deer are in the height of their mating season and it is easy to hear their unmistakable cries echoing.

The imperious calls of defiance launched in the autumn by males in love are one of the most impressive shows of our forests, a concert of primordial sounds that spreads even kilometres away along ridges and valleys.

After fighting (you can also hear the clashing of branching horns, which sound like gunshots) and conquering the herds of females, the males inform their rivals of their position and rank.

The louder the roaring, emitted during exhalation, the more one demonstrates one's power and tells other males to stay away.

The thrill of listening to them is absolutely to be experienced!

The wild Val Zebrù

Val Zebrù is the heart and the symbol of the Stelvio National Park, one of the largest alpine parks in Italy.

It is easy to fall in love with its picture-postcard landscape characterised by bristling cliffs on the one hand and more rounded profiles on the other, the small wooden cabins and the possibilitỳ of running into alpine animals of all kinds.

Indeed, throughout the year it is not difficult to come across wild animals such as ibexes, chamois, squirrels, marmots, eagles and bearded vultures.

We recommend an excursion here in the autumn to spot the deer and listen to their roaring.

And even if you are not so lucky as to come across the king of the woods, you will still be surrounded by a nature lit with the typical colours of the season, every corner will be a canvas of colours to be immortalised with your camera.

And to make the atmosphere even more magical, a love story!

It is said that in these places rests the spirit and broken heart of Zebrusiusa young knight who spent the rest of his days in isolation after falling madly in love with a woman who could not return him. Since then, Zebrusius has been watching over the valley and making all travellers who pass through fall in love with it!

During your walk, try to look for the face of Zebrusius in the valley, the legend wants to be found depicted on the steepest walls in the valley!

The Fraele Valley

It is a flat valleyThis allows for undemanding walks or relaxing bike rides.

I Cancano Lakes found in the valley arise from artificial dams, but their bright turquoisewhich contrasts with the orange/red larches in autumn, is a real sight!

Even from the Fraele Valley, it is possible to set out on trails to spot the deer in love.

Contact us for any information on the most beautiful itineraries and the most striking views, we will be able to give you the best advice so that you do not miss out on the excitement of this wild and colourful nature!