Taste and Quality for your breakfast

We know how pleasant breakfast at the hotel is, so sit at your table and let us serve you our specialties.

If you love savory foods, we will offer a wide selection of local cured meats and cheeses from the mountain pastures. And then eggs, prepared however you like.

Many top quality choices

The pastry selection will hit your eyes first and then your palate; everything will be a temptation and yielding to it will be pleasure without remorse!

The "Organic corner" offers even more sweets produced according to high quality standards, to ensure that love and respect for the land also passes from the table.


A holiday in the mountains between sports, nature and relaxation

No matter which season you decide to treat yourself to a holiday, both summer and winter in Bormio offer the right activity for you: sports, fun, discoveries, nature and breathtaking views!