Hotels Green

We have always believed in respecting Nature and in technological innovation to support it. This is why we have carried out a series of interventions to make our Hotel Green.

Geothermal Energy

  • 85 KW geothermal heat pump power 
  • 234,000 KW/H average annual heat production
  • 20 are vertical geothermal probes of 100 m each
  • 2040 are the total metres that the 20 geothermal probes reach at depth
  • 65,170 are the kilograms/year of carbon dioxide that are not released into the environment
  • 100% is the total heat recovery generated for 'The Flower' wellness centre at Miramonti Park Hotel.

Photovoltaic solar panels

  • 145 square metres of occupied area
  • 55 kwh of energy produced

Pellet heating plant

  • 2 boilers and high automation
  • 90 kw of power produced
  • Feeding: noble pellets
  • 60 m³ of stored product

Electric car charging point

  • 6 charging stations for electric cars reserved for guests

65,170 kg/year

CO2 saved

equivalent to

2622 Trees

planted on 15 hectares

6 Reloading Columns

for Electric Cars


A holiday in the mountains between sports, nature and relaxation

No matter which season you decide to treat yourself to a holiday, both summer and winter in Bormio offer the right activity for you: sports, fun, discoveries, nature and breathtaking views!