The first Petrol Head Hotels on Alps

'Petrol Head' can be translated as 'motor enthusiast', and we, who have always cultivated this passion, decided to integrate it into our daily work.

We have become the first Petrol Head Hotel in the Alps: a reference point for motoring enthusiasts, from performance cars to modern and historic cars.

If you too see a motorbike or a car, not just as a means of transport, but a means with which to experience emotions, then come to us, you will find people like you who share the same passion.

Lucio Da Zanche, will be happy to guide you, tell you about and advise you on how to fully enjoy the excitement of the magnificent Bormio area and the roads surrounding it.


A holiday in the mountains between sports, nature and relaxation

No matter which season you decide to treat yourself to a holiday, both summer and winter in Bormio offer the right activity for you: sports, fun, discoveries, nature and breathtaking views!