Taste, Quality and Wellbeing

Enjoy all the typical Valtellina specialties served with professionalism in our restaurant.

Thanks to the new open kitchen, you will be able to follow the creations of our chefs step by step and you will be able to see local ingredients transformed into joy for the eyes and the palate.

Wellness also passes from the table, so we offer some dishes with a reduced calorie intake, including vegetarian menus, without having to give up the pleasure of a gourmet holiday.

Tradition and innovation

We offer traditional recipes reinterpreted in a modern way with an eye on the latest trends.

Therefore, our cuisine stands out for how we combine the flavors of the Valtellinese tradition with a hint of young creativity and an international touch.

The dishes are prepared with local ingredients and processed in accordance with the alpine style and with extreme attention to details.

The results bring Valtellina tastes to your table in their most delicious form, rich in genuine flavors and refined aromas.


Your days will start off on the right foot as soon as you smell the scents of freshly baked pastries.

And also a rich selection of salty, mountain cheeses and the "organic corner" will give the right boost to your day in the mountains.


A holiday in the mountains between sports, nature and relaxation

No matter which season you decide to treat yourself to a holiday, both summer and winter in Bormio offer the right activity for you: sports, fun, discoveries, nature and breathtaking views!