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Terme Di Bormio Designed for the relaxation of adults and the enjoyment of children


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Bormio Terme
The Structure of the Spa
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   Thermarium Experience Showers
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Useful information


Junior € 22
Adult € 28
Over 65 € 22

2½-hour entrance
Junior € 17
Adult € 22
Over 65 € 17

Family Packages
Family 2 adults + 1 child € 58
Family 2 adults + 2 children € 74
Family 2 adults + 3 child € 90

In the event of exceeding the time stipulated in the purchased ticket, € 3.00 per person per additional hour will be charged.

Wearing a cap in the thermal pools and using a cotton towel in the various saunas is mandatory.
All children under 2 years of age or who still need to wear a nappy must have a waterproof one

The following products can be purchased directly from the shop in Bormio Terme:

*indicative rates

Bathrobe, towel, slippers and cap

The cost of admission does not include linen, which can be hired at the time of admission:
- Bathrobe (€4.00 rental)
- Towel (€3.00 per rental)
- Headset (€3.00 on sale - compulsory for all)
- Slippers (€4.00 on sale)
Should the hired items not be returned, the full cost will be charged on leaving.

How are the wellness areas structured?

Zones for adults
Areas accessible to children

Bormio Terme is located in a strategic area of Bormio and provides a picturesque view of the surrounding mountains from all parts of the town.
The spa is suitable for everyone: families with even small children, couples and adults.
The pools are filled with thermal water (the same as in the Old and New Baths) with anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

Listed below are the areas available to over-16s:
- The Thermarium
- Evergreen

thermal baths of bormio

In the Thermarium you will find:

The Thermarium Turkish bath

The special feature of this steam bath is the ceiling that incorporates several LED lights set to change colour at a certain frequency. The heat and humidity combined with the colour therapy allow you to relax and at the same time have a beneficial and regenerating effect on your body by increasing blood circulation.

Suggested permanence: 10-15 minutes
Frequency of use: do not exceed 2 uses
Humidity: 90%
Temperature: 45°C

Biosauna Thermarium

In the most central area of the Termarium you will find this octagonal bio sauna.
It is suitable for people who do not like saunas that are too hot. Thanks to the low temperature, it allows the heat to be borne better, enabling slower and more progressive regeneration.

Recommended permanence: 15 to 20 minutes
Frequency of use: do not exceed 3 uses
Humidity: 45 - 55%
Temperature: 50 - 60° C

Thermarium Panoramic Sauna

The largest and most panoramic sauna. Inside there are 3 heat points that give off a temperature ranging from 80° to 100° C
This sauna offers a pleasant view of the white summit and is equipped with co-modi headrests for those who like to completely relax by lying on the warm wood.
This is the sauna that is used for Aufguss events during the winter and summer seasons.

Temperature: 80 - 100°C
Humidity: 10 - 30%
Dwell time: approx. 10 - 15 minutes
Frequency: two or three sessions
At the end of each session, after a quick lukewarm shower, you can take a dip in the spring water pool or, in winter, roll around in the snow!

Thermarium Experience Showers

Enjoy colour therapy in our spa! Chromotherapy is a unique way to relax your body and mind. Let yourself be enveloped in colours illuminated by LED light to provide a unique experience that will help you relax and achieve well-being. Emotional showers are a fun and exciting way to relax: experience the magic of colours, from white to blue, yellow to red, and with the warm light enveloping you and relaxing you will feel your tension melt away.
Be inspired by colour therapy and regain energy and well-being with emotional showers.

Thermal bath Thermarium

In addition, during the summer it is wonderful to stretch out on the comfortable sun loungers in the small park adjoining the Thermarium area.

The relaxation and well-being of a thermal bath is unparalleled! Let yourself be enveloped in the beneficial thermal waters rich in magnesium hydroxide, which act as a true beauty treatment for the skin. Magnesium is a mineral that has anti-inflammatory, soothing and relaxing properties. Magnesium hydroxide also has a detoxifying and purifying action, as well as promoting blood circulation and muscle relaxation. A thermal bath with magnesium hydroxide is a unique experience: let the water envelop you and feel the well-being envelop you

Thermarium relaxation areas

The relaxation area is an oasis of peace and quiet from which to enjoy a fantastic view of the mountain. Let yourself be carried away by the breathtaking scenery as you relax. Take a look at the breathtaking panorama as you relax in the thermal bath, or enjoy the midday sun while taking a dip in our outdoor pool.

In the Evergreen area, however, it is present:

Relaxation Zone

At the end of the sauna and steam bath, a cold shower and a quick soak in the spring water pool are the preamble to ten minutes on a bed in the relaxation room, wrapped in your own towel and protected by a heavy blanket of pure linen.
It is then possible to return to the sauna or Turkish bath, taking care to repeat the operation no more than two three times for the sauna and once or twice for the Turkish bath.

Turkish bath

This steam bath is made of serpentine stone, a volcanic rock that has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. Its unique and intense heat acts on your muscles, both as a relaxant and as an analgesic, helping you to unwind and release tension. Let the warmth of the serpentine stone envelop you.

Accessible from 16 years of age.

Finnish Sauna

Get carried away by the benefits of the Finnish sauna! A unique experience that relaxes body and mind. The intense heat of the Finnish sauna helps relax your muscles and release tension, while the humidity helps release toxins. Once you have completed your session, we recommend taking a short cold shower and immersing yourself in the cold water pool to get the benefits of the temperature change. you will feel your body regenerated, your mind clearer and your general well-being increased.

In the children's area of Bormio terme you will find various types of pools and wellness areas:

Water slide

Try the 60 m thermal water slide! Let your adrenaline rise as you slide down the tube and enjoy a unique experience. The slide is a fun and exciting way to have fun and relax for young and old. And after the thrilling descent, you can relax in our indoor pool or thermal baths. Enjoy a day of fun for the whole family with the 60 m water slide!

Inner mushroom tank

Here the little ones can discover the magic of the indoor mushroom pool! Children can enjoy a unique and entertaining experience. The pool features a number of attractions including water games and a waterfall that cascades directly down from the top of the mushroom! Let the children have fun with the water games, while parents can take turns to relax and enjoy their day at the spa.

Children's bathtub

The ideal thermal pool for children and babies, even for those who cannot yet swim. The water is 60 cm deep and the temperature does not exceed 32°.
Here the little ones can begin to get acquainted with the water also thanks to the sup-port of suitable toys and aids. On the bottom are cute little pebbles designed to make the water experience more fun.

Outdoor clown pool

This pool is equipped with attractions for children such as a funny blue seal and multicoloured clowns. The surface area is 50 square metres with a temperature of 32°. Children can play safely under the watchful eye of their parents, who can relax on deck chairs adjacent to the pool. Being outdoors, the pool is only open in summer.

On the other hand, as far as spaces for everyone are concerned, you will find:

The indoor swimming pool

The Bormio thermal baths are also designed for the more sporty. Here, in fact, you will find an indoor thermal swimming pool 25 metres long by 16 metres wide. The height of the water varies from 120 to 180 cm. To allow proper physical activity, the thermal water in this pool is mixed with cold spring water so that the temperature is 28°C. It is here that all courses offered by the thermal baths are organised, including water aerobics and water gymnastics.

4-season bathtub

The largest thermal pool in Bormio and ideal for all seasons. It is divided into an indoor and outdoor part. In the indoor part you will find lumbar hydromassage stations and an area where an artificial current has been recreated to simulate walking against the current. The outdoor part, on the other hand, is equipped with comfortable hydromassage beds that allow you to relax while enjoying the wide and fantastic view of the mountains opposite.

Stelvio bathtub

This pool is named after the legendary Stelvio slope. The surface area is about 160 square metres with a water height of 1.10 metres and a temperature of 35°c. Its special feature is the fact that it has an opening on 2 sides, which makes the air temperature the same as outside. During the most recent renovation in 2022, several hydromassage beds were arranged and 3 stations with thermal water cascades were created, which are useful for releasing contractures and relaxing back muscles in order to achieve complete relaxation. Access is also permitted for children.

Outdoor swimming pool

An outdoor pool available all year round that combines the possibility of outdoor physical activity with the decontracting treatment obtainable from the thermal water jets located inside (two submerged ones that help relax the leg muscles and one cascade that helps relax the upper back muscles).
The beauty of this pool is at its best in winter and in the evening due to the enveloping and evocative effect created by the water vapour.


In addition to the various relaxation areas in the vicinity with sauna and steam bath, there are also outdoor areas in the park where comfortable sun loungers are laid out for sunbathing from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is also a convenient snack bar.
We suggest using sunscreen as UV rays are more intense at our altitude.

Additional information:

Electronic bracelet

At the moment of entry Bormio Terme provides its Guests with an electronic tra-sponder bracelet used to open and close their locker where their belongings are stored and through which guests can register their bar consumptions. In the event that the bracelet is lost on the way out, you will be asked to pay the cost of the bracelet, the cost of renting a towel, bathrobe and the cost of a maximum bar refreshment, for a total of € 63.

After paying the admission fee, you will be given an electronic bracelet, which is used to use your locker in which you can safely store your clothes and belongings. The bracelet will also be used to record the time of your entry and any drinks from the bar, which can be paid for on your way out. We recommend that you do not lose your bracelet, otherwise you will be charged the cost calculated on a maximum bar consumption of € 63.00, the cost of the bracelet, and the no-longer-used towel and bathrobe.

Discounts and reductions

There are also subsidised rates for the following categories:

- Groups of at least 15 people (by contacting the administration office in advance on 0342 901325 and reserving the day and time of entry)
- Children up to 6 years are entitled to free admission with at least 1 paying adult
- Disabled persons at 100% and disabled persons (IC14) will be entitled to use the Junior fares
- Residents of the province of Sondrio and employees of companies in Bor-mio will have a dedicated price list by presenting their identity card and current employment contract respectively.

In any case, it will be necessary to present your identity document in order to be entitled to the above-mentioned rates. Without the document, it will not be possible to take advantage of the discounts.

The information here may not be up to date, so we recommend visiting the official Bormio Spa website www.bormioterme.it.


A holiday in the mountains between sports, nature and relaxation

No matter which season you decide to treat yourself to a holiday, both summer and winter in Bormio offer the right activity for you: sports, fun, discoveries, nature and breathtaking views!